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Get New, Unique Alert Sounds for Your Stream

You already know the importance of having quality graphics for your stream.

But something often overlooked is your audio – more specifically, the sounds that you have set up for whenever you get a new stream alert.

Most streamers are using the default sounds you get from popular apps like Streamlabs, StreamElements, Muxy, and others.

They’re cool and all – but you can do better.

Which is why we’ve created a sister site that has a bunch of awesome new alert sounds that you can start using on your next stream.

We’ve teamed up with a bunch of pro sound producers to create some really fun and unique sounds for all alert types (new follower, donation, sub, etc.).

So if you’re looking to really take your stream to the next level, visually and …audiolly?

Head over to Twitch Alert Sounds to get some new alert sounds for your channel!

Improve Your Twitch Alerts With Sounds

Take your alerts to the next level by giving them the unique feature of alert sounds. Do you feel like the free alerts in the software’s selection doesn’t give your stream the feel you’re after? Do you feel that finding or making all the sounds yourself seems like an impossible task? Well, we can handle all that and more at an affordable price. Professional stream alert sounds are an addition that everyone should be including in their streams. If you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading to see all the benefits of our Twitch alert sounds packs.


Make Your Alerts Unique

Sound is a core part of your stream, so taking advantage of boosting your alerts is like a dream come true. Alerts are an essential part of any stream as it gives your audience a way to connect to you while demonstrating the commitment they have with your stream. There are many reasons why Twitch alerts are great, but where they can really excel is in the impact they have on your audience’s experience. Giving your alerts an upgrade through professional Twitch alert sounds allows you to really hone in on the brand that you are trying to achieve. Through the use of Twitch alert sounds, you can help propel your stream to new heights. 


A Wide Selection of Sounds

Having an extensive selection is important when it comes to finding a design that perfectly suits your stream. At Streamplay, we want to have options available that can suit anyone, so we made a sister site dedicated to this exact purpose. You can find our full selection at What you can expect to find at this site is a wide selection of stream alert sounds that each bring a unique flavour to your stream. From dubstep to classical, our available alert sounds can make your alerts unique and memorable for your audience. If you are looking for a certain style of stream alert sounds, feel free to browse our full selection.


Affordable And Chock Full Of Value

There are two more big reasons why Streamplay stream alert sounds are something you should consider. The main one that we’re all thankful for, is affordable pricing. With a one time purchase costing about the same as a drink, this essential addition to your stream could not be easier on your wallet. Not only is the price cheap, but the value that you are getting in the process is phenomenal. There are sounds for cheers, followers, subs, raids and more. All of these are tied up into a neat little package with a price tag of $4.99.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this upgrade today.