Animated Twitch Overlays

Elevate Your Overlay With Animations

You can give your stream the love and professional look it deserves with one of our animated Twitch overlays. This design is exactly as the name suggests, an animated experience that can amaze your viewers and leave them wanting more. The switch from static to animation can have a huge impact on your viewer’s experience and can make the overall viewing experience more enjoyable for your audience. At Streamplay our experience with overlays have given us the confidence to create animated Twitch overlays at a professional level.

Create An Immersive Experience

If you want your stream to have a life of its own, then you need an animated stream overlay for your channel. Giving a sense of movement as if your overlay is its own entity, these animated Twitch overlays can give your stream a boost in immersion. We all know that our eyes are attracted to movement, and using animated overlays can help keep your audience engaged and add a different experience for your viewers. Take advantage of this appealing streaming option today with one of our animated Twitch overlays.

Have Your Overlay Amaze Viewers

Your overlay should stand out from the rest of your competitors. In a sea of static overlays, viewers will be interested in your animated overlay, and could be the added difference you need to grow your channel. Unique, abstract, iconic and beautiful designs help bring this collection of designs to a new level of amazement. What makes our designs great is that we really understand what the average streamer wants from an overlay design. Not too much movement, but instead a good balance that can be a professional addition to your overlay. Update your style and get animated today.

Packages And Custom Animated Overlays Available

Streamplay has all types of animated stream packages available, and if you can't find something you like, we’ll custom make it for you. Our premade designs are based around concepts of what people love. Not only that, but we can offer small customisations to our premade designs so that if you find a design you love we can match it to fit your style. If you want a more distinct design then we also offer custom animated stream overlays, allowing you to truly match your overlay with your unique brand.
Pick up an animated stream overlay today at Streamplay.