Twitch Offline Banners

Why you need a Twitch offline banner! 

Have you ever noticed how all of the popular and dedicated streamers who are offline have an image displayed with relevant information? This image is often referred to as an offline banner, and is often a super helpful way of promoting yourself and growing your audience when you’re not streaming!

An offline banner, also known as a stream offline overlay, is an essential addition that can grow your potential viewers, even when you’re not online. Sounds like a win-win to us. So how can Twitch offline banners, or images help boost the popularity of your stream? Well, put your headset on and keep reading to learn how to utilise this tool effectively!

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Helps Promote Your Social Media Profiles

As you browse through offline banners or Twitch overlay offline screen templates, you might have noticed specific sections dedicated to promoting social media profiles. Social media platforms are some of the most effective tools available for people trying to make their mark as a streamer. Due to it being free to set up and its ease of use, social media platforms can help you promote your content as well as stay in touch with your fans. As more people realise the potential viewers they can gain from their social media, the use of offline banners to help promote these platforms have grown dramatically. Here’s how you can take advantage of promotion while offline.

Through the use of large icons for different social media platforms, paired with your relevant username, you can grab the viewer's attention and send them to the relevant profile. Having social media accounts relating to your brand will help you gain viewers and establish a real community for your stream. By getting your name out there to more people through tweets, posts and ads, you can be growing your audience in an efficient way.

Offline Banners Contain Important Information

Aside from promoting your social media profiles, you might also have noticed other important information being shown. A Twitch offline banner is like a landing page where you can post all the important information about you and your stream. You may choose to add other information like your current stream schedule, what your streams generally involve, the types of games you play, or perhaps other streaming platforms that you’re live on. Having other personal interests displayed, or showing relevant icons relating to your brand can attract dedicated viewers who might be looking for a streamer in that category.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your banner! Having a custom Twitch offline banner created for you, or using one of our many Twitch offline banner templates to get started faster can make a big boost to your performance and growth of your audience on streaming platforms.