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ideclare war twitch package

I Declare War Stream Package


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  • A minimalist overlay and webcam overlay to keep the focus on your gameplay while still displaying your information
  • Beautifully structured in-game overlay
  • Crisp panels for your channel information
  • Animated alerts for your new followers, subscribers, and donations

Check out the animated alert in action:

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  • Includes stream-ready files for each graphic + the PSD/AE files for editing.

  • We'll customize the colors/text for you then send the graphics once completed.

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Charles at 6:28 pm

As the Title says its a Great Choice for a pre-made, but i opted for different Colors and Boxes. i also ordered panels in which i wanted this overlay to match those Panels color and Tyler was able to make it so. 😀 im very pleased with all the items i have gotten from here i will eventually Make it to where i will order custom Gfx and stuff their designs are only out shined by there Great Service and commitment.

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  • Brilliant Starting point

    Want something that contains everything you need to get started? dont want to use one of the Streamlabs OBS themes that every man and his dog has? If so this is a great package. Because its fully modular you get great flexibility, I started using the whole package, and have over time chosen to get custom parts for some elements (eg overlay), while keeping others (eg alert notifications, panels).

    I’ll also echo the comments of the other reviewers. where the real value in a purchase from StreamPlay is, is the support you get. They’ve helped many streamers, and often know the answer to your question before you ask it.

    Final big plus… turnaround times are incredible, even for custom work.


  • Clean lines

    I’m very happy with the package I got. When I had a question I received a response the same day


    Not only is this overlay package clean and professional, the customer support streamplay supplies its customers is outstanding. Helping you find the overlay that fits your needs and quickly giving you results to judge the colors and or package itself. They have done everything I have ask them to do and am 110% happy with my purchase

  • Aesome Design - Even better service

    These guys are damn good! I have found my home for my graphical needs to stream and I don’t really plan on going anywhere else. The customer service was excellent and they customized what I needed without any issues and extremely quick. I won’t be going anywhere else when I need something done!

    • Unbelievable customer service. I’ve had a million questions and they’ve answered every one of them! Couldn’t be more thankful!!! All of the stars out of all of the stars!!!

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