How It Works - Streamplay Graphics

How the Streamplay Purchase Process Works

On Streamplay a majority of the graphics we sell to streamers are from our selection of professionally designed premade graphics.

We also sell custom stream graphics, but the purpose of this “How It Works” page is to help you better understand how the buying process works when you find a design you like from our premade store

All Our Graphics Are Designed to Work With All Streaming Services.
If You Stream On Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, or Anywhere Else,
Our Graphics Will Work For You.

As of right now, here are the options available when you purchase one of our graphics:

A Simple Add To Cart Button

When you see this option on one of our graphics that means we currently don’t have the default graphics or PSD file(s) available to download after purchasing.

So this means that we’ll need you to give us your customization details after making your purchase – even if you want everything to remain default.

We have an easy-to-use form for you to fill out after purchasing to let us know what edits you want – or you can reply to the email receipt we send you after purchasing with the details.

We’re working on having all our premade stream graphics have the option to download the default versions + PSD(s). So, soon this option will be obsolete :).

Multiple Options

For a majority of our premade graphics, we now have the option for you to download the default version of a specific graphic (comes as a .png file or .mp4 for videos), plus it comes with the PSD file so you can make any edits for yourself.

Here are the options you’ll see and how they work:

1. Download Default X

This is the purchase option referenced above.

If you like the default version of the graphic(s) you are interested in getting for your channel, and don’t need any edits, then you’ll want to choose this option.

Or if you want to make the edits yourself, then it also comes with the PSD file(s).


> Instant Download
> Cheapest Option
> Freedom to Customize the Graphics yourself

2. We Edit For You

This option is what makes Streamplay one of the best sites to get new stream graphics from…

With any of our premade graphics, you have the ability to ask us to make the customizations for you – hardly any other websites offer this.

The types of edits you can request are changing the colors of the graphics, and changing the text on any of the graphics that have text options.

For example:

The default color of our Turn It Up webcam overlay is green, but if you want it changed to red and don’t have Photoshop to edit that yourself, then we can do it for you.

Or… with one of our stream starting soon videos, the default text is “Stream Starting”, but if you wanted to change that text to say something like, “The Stream Is Booting Up!” and don’t have After Effects to make the edits yourself, then again, we can do it for you!

After you make your purchase, we have a customizations form that you can fill out to let us know what edits you’d like made.


> Professionally designed edits
> Customizations are done for you
> No design skills or expensive software required

Express Delivery

Since Streamplay is one of the most popular choices for streamers to get new graphics for their channels, we get a lot of orders. With many of them being “We Edit For You” purchases.

Our lead designer, Tyler, is the one who handles all of the edits for you, and with the amount of orders we get, we aim to deliver your graphics within 2 days of your purchase.

But if you’re wanting your graphics sooner than that, we have an express delivery option that will give your graphics priority delivery, meaning you’ll be guaranteed to get your graphics sent to you within 24 hours!

So that’s how the process works when you decide to buy one of our premade stream graphics!

If you still have any questions, please contact us here.

And click here to find the perfect graphic(s) for your stream.