Twitch Offline Banner Templates - Offline Screens for Your Twitch Channel

Twitch Offline Banners For Your Stream

Complete your channel the right way with one of our professionally designed Twitch offline banners!

Whether it’s a simple banner image that you’re looking for, or something with a little more design and info attached to it – we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Twitch offline screen for your profile.

Just like not setting up your channel with Twitch panels, it’s equally as harmful to your channel if you don’t have a banner for when your channel is offline.
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Your Offline Screen Helps Your Twitch Channel Grow

Having the perfect offline banner is not only for making your channel look good. It also plays a very important part in your channels ability to grow.

When a follower or potential new viewer sees your channel offline, the first thing they see is your profile image. There are two things they’re going to be looking for…

First, is if the image quality is professional looking. And second, is if you have any social media accounts they can follow so they know when you’re going to stream next.

With any of the Twitch banners you can get from us, you’ll be able to cross both those things off the list.

Choosing the Right Banner

One thing to consider when deciding which banner is perfect for your Twitch channel is the graphic style.

While graphics like your Twitch alerts don’t necessarily need to match your channels branding, it’s a good idea to choose the same overall color theme and style so your channel looks more professional.

Viewers tend to stick around longer when they see you’ve got your branding put together. Kind of like the difference between streaming with a webcam overlay or not – people generally prefer watching a streamer with a face.

The Best Offline Banners Should:

  • Match your channels branding.
  • Provide a way for viewers to find you when you’re offline. Usually by having your social media channels listed.
  • Be graphically pleasing so potential new viewers don’t get put off by an unprofessional looking stream.

Those being the few most important factors when getting an offline screen. Much like your streams overlay, it’s one of the most important graphics you can take advantage of for your Twitch channel.

Feel free to browse through our selection of banners, and remember to keep the major points we talked about above. If you have any questions before buying just contact us through our contact form, or on Twitter.